The writings of Stephanie Shields

The Sheep Shed is a place where things happen. Life begins, develops and ends there. And the whole business of this involves relationships between people, animals, birds and most importantly, occasional reflections on who we are and what it’s all about.  So perhaps this is an unusual but not absurd title for this press.

Stephanie Shields writes short stories, flash fiction and poetry

Her short story, The Watershed, was selected by Sarah Waters for the Jane Austen Bi-centenary collection, entitled ‘Dancing with Mr. Darcy’, published in 2009 by Honno Press and Chawton House in the UK and later by Harper Collins in the USA. 

Her short stories have been chosen for broadcast on local radio.  Her poems have been included in various literary magazines and anthologies. 

Her flash fiction and poetry have been well-received both in national and international competitions. Her most recent publication was for Prole, Issue 21 (December 16) - ‘At a Country Fair’.

Stephanie's latest publication, 'Swan Landings', is available now.

Swan Landings - a short story collection

Swan Landings

This title belongs to the first story.

It is a three-part collection based on the three ages – Swan Pairings (people coming together), Cygnets on the Flow (the challenges of childhood and adolescence) and Swan Landings (falling from grace, with a few compensations).

Cover design by Jacky Fleming

Swan Landings Feedback

" These stories are full of wisdom and humanity.  Infused with a strong sense of place they jump from the page alive with quirky characters and messy lives. There are wonderful moments of poetry and hard-won philosophy which shine brightly in a terrific collection. "

James Nash, poet and writer.

From the author

"I like to use words like a camera lens focusing in on scenes, situations and characters – perhaps to touch things that seem just out of reach.  There needs to be places, people and events to do this. For these I find inspiration in the natural world, landscape, animals and birds and of course, most importantly, people"  

Stephanie Shields 

What's coming next?

Finding the Fieldthis is my collection of writings inspired by my flock of Lleyn sheep.

A small flock of lleyn Sheep grazing in the paddock

Working Dogs - celebrating the life of the working dog, especially the Border Collie.

I find sheep dog trialling quite enthralling and it has inspired poems and pieces and these I have put together.

Trialling takes you to the remotest parts of England, and beyond.  It is a secret world.

My two border collies laying in a meadow of spring buttercups

Working Dogs will be published in 2018.

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